International College

The International College Of Dentists was formed in 1927 during a meeting of the Sixth International Dental Congress in Philadelphia. The birth of the College was due to the vision of two men, Dr. Ottofy, a Hungarian dentist domiciled in the US, and Dr. Okamura, a Japanese dentist from Tokyo. They had become friends while Dr. Ottofy worked in Tokyo, and were frustrated at the lack of information about the practice of dentistry in other countries.
As Dr. Ottofy prepared to return to the US in 1920, the two men dedicated themselves to establishing an organisation which would be a vehicle for the exchange of information and research, the dissemination of the most up-to-date scientific information in dentistry, and the promotion of cordial relations within the profession worldwide.
Today the college has 10.147 fellows worldwide embracing 85 countries and it is organised into 12 sections

The European Section

The European Section, founded in 1955, celebrated its 50th Anniversary at the Annual Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, in June 2005. The European Section now has 649 Fellows in 24 countries.
See History of the European Section at: ICDigest

The Philip Dear Foundation

This is a charitable fund for educational purposes which the European Section established to celebrate its 50th anniversary and to commemorate Philip Dear who is considered to be one of the main Founding Fathers of the European Section.
Link to history of Philip Dear Foundation
Download the Constitution of the Fund and a Grant Application Form here